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Journeyman Membership

 Historically, on completion of formal training, a Journeyman would spend a period of time gaining  experience at the bench, practicing techniques and generally gaining speed, additional knowledge and experience, also gaining commercial and business experience. 

 Journeyman membership is open to those who have completed a structured education in upholstery or/ and are currently working in the field. A journeyman membership provides the member with help and direction to becoming a full Certificated Member when enough experience has been achieved.  We would expect you to remain a Journeyman Member for a minimum of 2 years, gaining experience before being invited to take part in our examination process, to become a Certificated Member.


 If you are running your own business and have done for some time, the Guild may encourage you to be examined earlier to become a Certificated Member. 


Criteria to become a Journeyman:

·       Successful completion of Levels 1, 2 & 3 AMUSF courses, or equivalent training.  Provide full details of courses you have attended, and qualifications achieved.

·       Details of Employment status.  

o   If you are self-employed you will be asked to provide business details.  ie; workshop address, telephone numbers, website & other social media information etc.           

o   If you are employed you will be asked to provide details of your employer - name, address, telephone, website etc.

·       Submission of a Photographic Portfolio with a minimum of 24 photos, preferably a single piece of work along with a brief written document to accompany and support the portfolio. The submitted work must not have been produced under any form of tuition. It proves that the applicant is currently practising under their own volition.


Please complete the Application Form, which we hope you will find self-explanatory. Each section sets out clear details of our requirements. If there is anything that you require clarification for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and encourage you to join us.

Yearly fee: £30

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