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5 levels of membership


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Fully Certificated membership

Certificated membership is open to all practicing upholsterers. Applicants must follow an application procedure where their work is vetted and following this sit both a practical and written test. Upon completion of this a certified member will be allowed to use the Guild logo for personal promotion.

Corporate membership

Corporate Membership is open to companies associated with upholstery practice, by invite only. These include fabric retailers, suppliers to the trade, teaching facilities etc.

Journeyman membership

Journeyman membership is open to those who have completed a structured education in upholstery or/ and are currently working in the field. A journeyman membership provides the member with help and direction to becoming a full Certificated Member when enough experience has been achieved.

Student /Trainee membership

Student membership is open to all students of a structured learning program in upholstery, or those undergoing in work training. 

Friend of the Guild membership

Friend of the Guild membership is open to any non practicing applicant.

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Hannah Weston-Smith, Membership Secretary

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